7 Road Trip Games

Recently our family took a road trip to visit friends and family members. While road trips are not really my thing, they are the best way to travel for a family of 5, 3 of which seat in car/booster seats. But road trips with kids aren’t necessarily easy.  There is more stopping, more questions about how much longer, are we there yet, etc. And definitely a few tense moments of kids arguing over simple things. While we like to say we are going to start the drive in the night hours so they will be sleeping, it doesn’t always happen. So we make the best of it and when things start getting hectic, we play a few fun games. 

7 Road Trip Games

Spot the License Plate 

This one is fun for everyone. Older tots can play along by either spelling out the state or just the first word or even saying what symbol they see on the plate. Older kids can of course, say each state. We print a sheet with all the states on it and then the kids can cross them out or stamp them with a sticker or stamp. 

I Spy 

This one is fun and also good for smaller kids too. I spy “a red car”, “a cow”, “a truck” and on and on. From things that are a certain color to things that look the same, the possibilities are endless. 

Here are 5 more road trip games to play with family. 

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