8 Must Have Family Friendly Car Features

We live in a modern world with modern amenities. I can remember piling into my uncle’s Cadillac with my cousins to go for a ride. 5 or 6 of us in the backseat. Car seats were not even a thought. Seat belts, maybe? You either have this memory or you’ve seen old school pictures floating around online of this very scenario. Fast forward to 2016, safety is one thing but amenities are so much more. Now that we have a family, I have a different list of must have family friendly car features than I did in my twenties when speed was all that mattered.

8 Must Have Family Friendly Car Features 

Space and Storage

Ok, so this is not one of the new and exciting features of the modern car but the more space and or storage a car has the better when it comes to kids. From cubbies to cupholders, places to put all the kid stuff are a must. Books, toys, snacks, drinks and all those little trinkets kids just can’t leave home without. And then the mom must haves need a place to go too.

Automatic Doors

Mom-mobiles unite! Raise your hands if you have ever balanced a kid or two plus bags and “stuff” all at once while trying to open or close a door. Enter the mom-mobiles. For some (not I) it’s a minivan. For others (me) it’s an SUV with automatic trunk closing. Whatever mommy mobile floats your boat, a press of a button and a sensor is a win.

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