Breakfast on the Go

As the back to school season begins, breakfast on the go may be your reality as a parent. Sometimes it’s breakfast on the go for your picky eaters, for you or for everyone. While we aim for all meals at the dining table, having easy prep and easy clean up breakfast on the go options for the car is a smart thing to plan for. And when you plan, you can make some of these ahead of time and ensure a health factor. Prepped at home is most always better than stopping at the drive through.

Breakfast On The Go

Fruit & Granola Parfait

This one is pretty easy to throw together the night before or even the morning off. I put my yogurt in the travel container and add the granola on top the night prior. I add fresh fruits the morning of so they don’t get too soft.

Overnight Oats

This is such an epic “invention”! So easy to prep and it’s the perfect blend of flavored oatmeal without a bunch of sugar etc. While I like it cold, my preference is hot oatmeal. Believe it or not, this oatmeal warms up nicely. My favorite is peanut butter and banana oatmeal. Granola, nuts and fruits work so well in overnight oats. Not feeling the cold option, overnight crockpot oats are great too. Oatmeal is easy to eat on the go. Keep hot cups or a food thermos on hand.

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