Keeping A Car Clean With Kids

Recently I asked some of my mom friends how they stay organized. We shared ideas on keeping the house clean, clothes organized and toys contained. Then one of my friends asked me how I keep my car so clean. I was shocked because while my car is pretty neat, I never feel like it is really clean. I have a thing about clean car interiors. I remember when I purchased my first car, I never wanted the new car smell to go away. I had a list of rules including no eating or drinking in the car. I kept towels handy for the dark denim wearers in my life because denim stains and the seats in my car were tan leather.

Fast forward to motherhood and some of those rules have gone out the window. It is literally impossible to avoid eating in the car with toddlers. Toddlers are notoriously hungry at the most random times. Nope not when breakfast is served at the dining table, but of course once I give up the fight and load us up in the car. Not to mention playdates and activities. You just never know when a child is going to be hungry. My mom mobile still has tan leather seats so I keep those covers handy. Here are my tips:

Keeping a Car Clean with Kids

Cleaning Supplies and Wipes

I keep paper towels, Clorox wipes, and cleaning clothes handy for the spills that are bound to happen. I store these in a bin in our trunk but if I have already planned for food to be eaten on the drive, then I put the bin in the front seat. And baby wipes, no mom car is complete without a pack of baby wipes. They are great for quick spills and great to wipe hands immediately. And if you are not into Clorox wipes, baby wipes do the job without the added chemicals.

Trash Bags & Bin

Some people keep a small trash bin with lid in the car. Having just a bag nearby works great too. Putting wrappers, paper, etc. immediately in the trash bag is a must. The longer you wait, the more likely those things will end up under a seat or wedged between a car seat. I dump the bag as soon as we get home or to our destination.

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