Where to Camp in the South

Plan your next road trip and make it a camping one. If your plans are to head South, here are some camping options in the South you will love.

How to Plan A Family Camping Trip

Camping is fun for everyone. Camping trips can be planned as solo trips. trips with friends, couples trips for for families. Here are some tips on how to plan a family camping trip.

Beautiful West Coast Sunsets

For many the sunrise is what they want to see every morning while on vacation. But don’t count out the beautiful sunsets. Here are some places to see the sun set on the West Coast.

Sunrise Road Trip Ideas

There is nothing like starting your vacation by waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Here are some road trip destinations worth the morning sunrise.

Enjoy Beaufort South Carolina

Go for the history, go for the food, go for the beauty of it all. Beaufort, South Carolina should definitely be on your list. Spend a long weekend or spend a bit longer to take…

Weekend Beach Trips in California

Families look to California for some really fun adventures including Disneyland. LEGOLAND and the San Diego Zoo. But what if all you want to do is sit on the beach? There are lots of options…

Weekend Getaways from NYC

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Tips for Traveling with a Dog

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Lake Getaways in the Northeast

The season for lake side vacations is almost here. For some the spring months are best as the temperature can lean to just warm to cool enough for those who like it. For other visitors,…

Southern Botanical Gardens

With spring in the air, many nature lovers are planning their weekend or spring break getaways. Some might even be planning for summer. Nature lovers will love to stay in quiet mountain or lake towns,…